Creating the Oscar Ecosystem

Our product design team works on tools for Oscar's three core user groups. For the member, we build apps for iOS, Android, and the web that helps connect them to care. For our providers, we work on tools to help them deliver the best experience to our members. And for our concierge teams, we build web apps to help them maintain the Oscar ecosystem.







Building a platform to help people find the right health plan for them.

Hioscar.com is a site that explains insurance simply and guides people to the right plan. It’s also the front door to the Oscar experience. I led the team who built our first online enrollment, Quote to Card. We've continued to iterate hioscar.com and most recently introduced our new branding.



Weaving a connected member experience

The Oscar ecosystem is about connecting people to care. We all know the healthcare system is complicated, so Oscar builds tools to guide our members.  Sometimes that comes from a virtual visit with a doctor and other times it's by connecting with your concierge team. The Oscar experience is built to make the healthcare system feel simple and easy to navigate.

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Creating a guided search experience

Searching for the right care online isn't as easy as it should be. Provider information becomes stale or is completely missing and more often than not it's hard to know which path to go down. With the Oscar app, members can connect to care by using our search functionality to find the best doctor and book an appointment.

— Design Credit: Gabe Schindler


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Making it easy to talk with Oscar

Things often go wrong in the healthcare system, and it can be difficult to navigate. That's why we focus on making it easy for our members to connect with us when they have questions. Every Oscar member is assigned a Concierge team when they first enroll. Oscar Concierge teams include three care guides and one nurse to help members navigate the healthcare system. We build tools to help make interactions between our Concierge teams and Oscar members as frictionless as possible.

— Design Credit: Frank Guzzone


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Bringing the doctor to your home

Most people have that one person they call or text when they don't feel well. Their mom, partner, best friend, whoever it is, more likely than not it's not a doctor. We created tools to connect Oscar members to a physician easily through our app. Doctors can diagnose minor conditions, prescribe medications, and leave follow-up notes in the app. If they’d rather talk with a doctor in person, they can book an appointment at our Oscar Center.

— Design Credit: Adam Karnas


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Creating stronger relationships with providers

The Oscar product design team also works on tools to help providers deliver the best experience to our members. Our Provider platform is the foundation to help us build closer relationships with physicians and hospital systems.

— Design Credit: Anthony Zhang



Helping our teams operate better

We find that better internal tooling can help facilitate better member interactions with our Concierge teams. The product and design teams have partnered closely with the Concierge and operation teams to make the most efficient and effective tools to help solve the complex member issues that arrive daily.

— Design Credit: Frank Guzzone