Refreshing the Oscar brand and building a better foundation.



Starting Wide


Bringing it to a point

Building guidelines to scale the Oscar design system.



Applying the new Oscar branding

Hioscar.com was the platform for the brand team to start introducing the new Oscar look and feel. I've had the opportunity to lead that team to rebuild Hioscar.com to integrate our new brand system. Most recently we revised our site in collaboration with Work & Co.



Creating a memorable unboxing experience.

The Oscar welcome kit has always been a unique aspect of our Member experience. Early on, we made the decision to rethink the necessary forms we had to send to new members. In the process, we reduced the amount of complexity and give our new members an easy guide to follow. 


"Who thought I'd be excited about a health insurance welcome kit?! @OscarHealth is redefining the brand experience." 

— @HayleyBerlent


Design & Illustration: Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch



Being bold to create brand awareness.

Oscar has always had eye-catching subway ads. Keeping inform, in 2016, we decided to confront America's healthcare problem by using our ad space to communicate alarming healthcare facts. We took over the Atlantic Ave station and gave passerby's a collection of these facts and a simple message, that Oscar is here to make things better.

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I led an effort across product and marketing to bring together their two disparate design systems to create a more coherent brand experience for our users. In 2016, we introduced this new branding and produced our OOH campaigns internally. During this period we also worked to evolve the overall Oscar aesthetic. In doing so, we set in place a new set of principles and guidelines for the brand and design system to scale.